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In a relationship, you might be really into the girl. It feels like it’s going great and you’re happy. However, something feels a bit off.

She shows you affection. There’s kissing and hugging, but it feels rather hollow. That could be a sign that maybe this isn’t as serious a relationship as you think. Perhaps, you’re the rebound guy, and you just don’t know it yet. Here are some ways to determine if this is happening to you.

9. She creeps on their social media page. Like when they post on social media to make their ex-jealous, they usually follow them and stalk their page. It’s a horrible sign if you see them on their ex-boyfriend’s Facebook or Instagram. She’s not over him.


8. She doesn’t commit. She enjoys being with you and spending time together, but she’s hesitant to make it official. You hang out a lot, but there’s no desire to commit. That’s because she doesn’t really want to be with you.

7. They constantly bring up their ex. As noted, the biggest thing to look for if you want to know if you’re a rebound is if they aren’t over their ex. When that person comes up naturally, it’s not bad. However, if she keeps bringing him up, he’s still in her head.

6. It feels like you were picked out of a lineup. It’s not typically a good thing that you were her first choice after a breakup. She basically picked you out of a lineup due to physical attraction and nothing more. It’s not necessarily good news.

5. They were freshly single before you dated. This one seems obvious. If they mention they just got out of a previous relationship, they probably haven’t had enough time to process feelings and such. It takes time to get over this kind of thing, and if you come right after, you’re probably a rebound.

4. There’s anger when talking about their ex. Your past relationships will usually come up naturally in a new relationship. That’s fine. But, if there’s anger, that’s a major problem. That means they aren’t over their ex, which means they’re not ready for something real with you.

3. They seem lost in life. When a person doesn’t seem to really know who or what they are, it could be a sign that they were broken recently. They were a “we” and must now re-learn how to be an “I” again. They rebounded to help learn more about themselves without fully focusing on someone else.

2. You don’t have anything in common. Opposites attract, but you still have to have some stuff in common to work. If there’s nothing there to bond you on an emotional or mental level, it’s probably just physical. That’s perfectly fine if it’s all both people are interested in. If you want more, this is bad.

1. There’s a lot of bedroom activity: If there’s one advantage to being a rebound guy, it’s that things get steamy in the bedroom very often. That’s partially because it’s honestly a majority of what you’re even around for. To get over that ex, they need this kind of physical connection from the rebound.