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Many times it happens that men and women go on doing tone arms workout but, fail to lose any amount of fat. So, here is the solution to this problem.

We present to you 10 best arm toning exercises. These exercises work effectively at the target area, i.e., arms. After doing these best exercises to tone arms, you would notice your arms will go slimmer and sculpted.

What Causes Arm Fat:

Arm Fat is usually caused due to an accumulation of fat which can also be due to alterations taking place in the body due to age, hormonal and lifestyle changes.


Hormonal changes can cause a decline in the metabolism which can cause burning of fewer calories. Accumulation of fat can cause a gravitational pull thereby making arms loose and flabby.

Triceps Dips:

This is an exercise that’s good for practice from the comfort of your own home, at the gym, or out and about in the park.

  • Take a desk or a chair and place it in a stable position.
  • At a distance of about three feet, stand in front of the desk or chair.
  • Turn your back towards the desk or chair.
  • Place the hands on the desk or chair.
  • Take 3 to 4 steps away from the desk or chair.
  • Keep the upper body straight and bend your knees. The knees should be in line with the desk or chair.
  • Bend your elbows and lower down your body until to reach near the floor. Do not touch the floor.
  • Return to the normal position.
  • Do three sets of twenty reps regularly.

Floor Push-Ups:

Push-ups aid you in toning your upper arm enormously by burning the fat in the area. This is a resistance exercise which can be performed at home and burn stubborn fat accumulated in your arms. Below are the steps explained in a clear way.

Get on the floor with your hands under your shoulders. Keep your elbows close to your side and then lower your body.

Then return to starting position. If you find it too hard, change your starting position so that your knees are bent and touch the floor. Repeat 10-15 times.


Plank Pose is another Salutation pose in yoga. You can perform Plank Pose and its some challenging variations to tone your flabby arms.

  • For this pose, you need to position your body horizontal to the ground, and remain in this position for at least thirty seconds to work your arms.
  • But make sure your back is in a straight line and your wrists are directly under your shoulders.
  • To take more challenge, clasp your hands together, and lower your elbows to the ground.

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions:

These can be done either standing or sitting, and you may do one arm at a time, or both together. I recommend doing one arm at a time, because it’s easier to focus on working just your tricep.

  • Start with your dumbbell in your left hand, with your arm extended above your head, palm facing forward.
  • Slowly (again using a 3-count) lower the dumbbell behind your head, bending your arm only at the elbow.
  • Slowly return to starting position.
  • Repeat 15 times with each arm. Do 3 sets per arm.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jacks are popular for weight loss, but most do not realize that they are also great for fighting arm fat.

Jumping jacks are a fairly commonly performed exercise. However, not many people know that they are very effective in losing arm flab.

To perform this exercise, stand up with your feet together and hands at your side. Jump to a position with your legs apart and your hands touching each other over your head. Jump back to the original position with your feet together and hands on the side again. Repeat about 20-25 times.


Pull-ups are very beneficial for your upper body. They can strengthen the muscles in your shoulders, chest, arms and sides of your back. However, you may find it somewhat difficult and may need a partner to assist you since pull-ups involve lifting your total body weight.

  • To perform pull-ups, place your hands on a horizontal bar and grip it firmly.
  • Now, lift your body with your chin upto the bar level.
  • Then ease your body back down slowly.
  • Do the repetitions as many as you can in three sets.