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All women want a nice and shiny hair, but especially healthy. If you think your hair is lifeless, although you spend money for its care, perhaps you’re using the wrong products or you chemically treat him excessively. See 5 beauty treatments that destroy your hair.

Blond hair treatments
Any woman who went from brunette to blonde knows what we mean at this point. Any hair discoloration product, no matter how gentle and full of nutrients is, destroys hair structure and dries it pretty hard.
All those substances called oxidizing agents (bleach, peroxide, ammonia, etc.) dries the hair and brittle thin hairs. Avoid products with more than 20% peroxide.

Formaldehyde from styling products
This chemical is often used in styling products, especially when it comes to products for hair straightening.
Do not forget that hair products based on formaldehyde can be dangerous because the substance is carcinogenic.
In addition, some treatments with keratin and formaldehyde are applied to high-temperature, burning the hair and damaging its structure.


Hot hair treatments
Some hair treatments require high temperatures to be activated, but excess can seriously damage the hair.
Like all human body parts, hair contains water, and when we apply temperatures above 100 degrees on the surface of the hairs, the small water particles inside start to boil and evaporate.
Hairs break and peel off at the microscopic level, which means a hair without shine, with split ends and even worse.

Treatments that physically damage your hair
No matter how qualitative your brush is, any use of this kind of utensils will rub hairs together and this will damage it.
In addition, if you apply all kinds of cosmetic hair and then use a brush or a comb, substances from products will get all over your hair and will contribute to its destruction at the microscopic level.

Treatments for curly hair
People with curly or wavy hair use special products for hair straightening.
Such substances ties hairs bonds at microscopic level, giving a soft and obedient texture.
If such products are exaggerated, hair can become very soft and thin and will need serious treatment until it regains a regenerating healthy appearance.