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There are so many articles out there regarding acne but most of them are solely for the face. Thus, the back acne is fairly easy to neglect. However, the back is also a big area where the excessive oils are starting to wreak havoc and overproducing sebum. This excessive sebum is the main cause that leads to acne formation because there are clogged up pores in the back. Not to mention, it is very hard to reach so basically the excessive sebum is building up as we are getting older which is when the more serious issues appear. Thus, keep reading and see what you can do about it to avoid breakouts or painful scars. In this article, I want to share a perfect and simple DIY body scrub for your back acne.

The ingredients you will need for this body scrub are:

– two lemons
– a half a cup of powdered sugar


Seems easy so far, isn’t it? Now, to prepare this, you can start squeezing the juice from the lemons and remove the seeds. Then, add the sugar to the juice and start mixing the ingredients together.

You could use this as a body scrub before you take a shower. Thus, simply rub this scrub gently on your back in circular motions at least 3 times a week.

This is effective because the sugar will get rid of the dead skin cells. Furthermore, the lemon will reduce oil formation on your back which means less sebum.