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We would all love for our skin to always look flawless. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to stubborn pimples. They appear out of nowhere and it seems like they are never gone, always making little scars in the skin. You have probably tried everything there is and the market is not lacking beauty products for pimples. Well, it is time to turn to what nature could give you. Thus, keep on reading and check out this effective DIY peel-off face mask for stubborn pimples.

For this peel off face mask, you will need the following ingredients you surely have already in your kitchen:

– a quarter cup of brewed green tea
– the juice from half a lemon
– an egg
– 3 teaspoons of gelatin


Here is how to make this mask:

First off, separate the egg whites from the yolk in a bowl. Then, in another bowl, mix together the warm green tea with lemon juice and the gelatin. Make sure you stir very well until you can clearly see the gelatin dissolving. After it dissolved completely, get back to the egg whites. Start whisking it until you get a foamy cream. The next step would be to add it to the mixture but make sure it is completely cooled off at room temperature.

How to use this peel off face mask:

Simply apply a thin layer of the mixture on the face using a brush. Make sure you insist more on the pimple prone areas. Then, let it dry for about 30 minutes and start peeling it off in an upward motion carefully. Next, rinse your face as you would normally do and make sure to apply a moisturizer such as a coconut oil. For better results, you should apply this mask once a week for one month.

Now, this DIY facial mask for pimples does wonders due to lemon’s vitamins to help fight off any stubborn pimples. Moreover, the green tea will help with skin soothing, calming the skin so the pimples won’t come back. Lastly, as a bonus, the egg whites will help with the large pores for an even more flawless skin.