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Headaches are very painful and may ruin your entire day. They can appear at any age, and it can also affect healthy people. If you have such a painful episode, you shouldn’t resort to painkillers. We’ll tell you a trick that will help you feel better in a minute.

Hold your hands and feet in lukewarm water and put an ice bag behind your neck. The warmth of the hands and feet will be send to your hand, and combined with the cold sensation behind your neck will relieve pain fast.

Most headaches are not caused by serious health problems, but rather by stress or fatigue. Sometimes, however, the lack of nutrients in the body can be the main cause of this problem.


You also have to know that headaches can also be due to the chaotic lifestyle you have. Red wine, processed foods or bad posture can cause this discomfort.

When you should see a doctor for a headache?

Headaches are not dangerous, but if they occur often, you should see a doctor. Ask for emergency help if the headache occurs suddenly and is strong and accompanied by fatigue, fever, numbness, speech or vision difficulties.

Image Credits: RD and DavidWolfe