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The strongest sign to know your man is in love is if he can’t stop kissing you, no matter where you guys are. Men who are smitten love to show off their girl and the connection they have, unable to control how much they kiss her even when in public. Basically, the more kisses the more he’s in love.


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about abuse! We’re saying if he loves you he will never stop slapping your booty, and you love it. He grabs, squeezes, shakes and kisses it whenever he can – letting you know how much he adores your body.


The Breast

You’re his lady and you make him feel comfortable, so putting his head into your chest makes him feel at home. There’s nothing better than him coming home and resting on you as you lay on the couch.

The Bedroom

He cares about you enough to make sure your world is rocked each time you guys get freaky. He gets turned on by turning you on, which is the perfect man that you should never let go. Most men are selfish if they’re not in love, so take this as a major sign.

The Kink

He’s not afraid to tell you his deepest and kinkiest fantasies, because he trusts you that much. When someone can open up without reservation, they are madly in love with you.

The Spoon

He never gets up and puts on his clothes after you guys have sex, instead he pulls you in closer and spoons until falling asleep. He loves feeling you in front of him, and would stay there forever if you would let him.

Real Manners

Lastly, if he makes sure you finish first you need to marry him tomorrow. He’s kind, selfless and cares about your needs more than his!