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Seducing a man is not as easy as it may seem but you can learn how to do it. Beautiful appearance, self-esteem, manners and leading a conversation – these things attract men first of all. However, facial expressions and gestures also play an important role in the process of seduction.

The most important thing to do is to be open to communication and have the desire to get acquainted and to seduce. When you are communicating with the opposite sex watch your facial expressions. Tense lips indicate that you have a strong character. Many men are afraid of this.

Blowing up your nostrils shows your hyper sexuality. On the other hand a motionless nose can speak of the frigidity of a woman. A raised eyebrow paired with a charming smile is a clear sign that a woman is flirting. However, if there is no smile on her face at that moment a man might think that she does not approve his actions.


As for open sexual appeals, in this case the game works well with a shoe, when a woman shows her naked foot, or a chain that draws attention to her chest. If you are ready to continue the evening in an intimate atmosphere, then slowly stroke your glass or show him your wrists adjusting your watch strap or playing with your bracelet.


1. Don’t Believe Everything You Hear. Do not follow all the recommendations too strictly. You should listen to your inner voice and act according to the situation.

2. Gesture More. All great people gesture a lot when they are communicating or explaining something. Your gestures can simplify all things between you and the man of your dreams.

3. Give Him An Opening. Let the guy whom you like have an opportunity to approach you. Do not hide behind your friends or other people.